Originally scheduled to air Friday’s at 9pm and premiere sometime in the Fall (although the date was never announced), Variety reports that the ABC drama Body of Proof starring Dana Delany will be held until “mid-season” which typically means mid-January or later.

Many have speculated that the show might be moved out of its original timeslot to patch one or more of the holes in ABC’s schedule left by failing rookie dramas (My Generation, The Whole Truth, Detroit 1-8-7), and that looks likely to still happen, but later, rather than sooner. ABC wanting to give the show ample promotion in whatever its new timeslot will be. Anyone who thought The Whole Truth would be the next show taken off the air (like me) just saw their chances diminished. Sounds like ABC is more inclined to let its losers run through their 13 episodes.

ABC will slot Primetime: What Would You Do? at 9pm Friday’s instead in the short term.

No announcement yet on where Body of Proof will go, but there will be plenty of places for it in the ABC schedule that will be opening up by mid-season.

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