Kudos to Metacritic’s Jason Dietz for an outstanding job of assembling the awesome “TV Cancellation Watch” prognostication scorecard. At a glance you can see the verdicts from several sites on the Internet, including ours.

I’m not just singing the praises because he included both the Renew/Cancel Index and the Bubble Watch along with predictions from James Hibberd at EW, Spoiler TV, TV Guide and Vulture’s Josef Adalian. I really love the at a glance scorecards. You see Chuck and it’s bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, OH NO! and then CERTAIN RENEWAL!

That’s a little crazy to see, but also crazy fun for ratings junkies.

I’m not really sure about the inclusion of SpoilerTV. Its fan site bias tints almost all of the prognosticating far more rose colored than the rest of the sites included. The only show Spoiler TV designated as even likely to be canceled is Detroit 1-8-7 (so Detroit 1-8-7 is the only consensus show where everyone predicted likely or certain cancellation). Perhaps the piece will push SpoilerTV to showing a little more red.

Fringe and Chuck fans will love Vulture TV. I think this is a sinister plot by Adalian to siphon off readership (but kudos to him, because I think it will work! I confess that I really enjoy Vulture’s “Bubble Meter” graphics). I also have to give a shout out to TV Guide for (seemingly) boldly going where no website has gone before and predicting that it’s likely Chuck will be canceled.

Thanks again to Jason at Metacritic, both for including us and doing the very heavy lifting  of assembling all the info. Please read it so we can make sure that “TV Cancellation Watch” is certain to be renewed!

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