Basic-cable networks held serve over their broadcast television counterparts relative to share of primetime television households during the 2009-10 television season.

The cable industry averaged a 59 share of television households for the period of Sept. 28, 2009, to May 26, 2010, matching its performance from last season. That easily bested broadcast’s 39 share, which also remained flat against the 2008-09 TV campaign […]

via Multichannel News.

The fact that the cable/broadcast primetime household share remained steady (instead of continuing to increase for cable) at 59% cable / 39% broadcast for the 2009-10 season is likely because of two non-annual factors.

1. The 2008 presidential election and its aftermath gave a big boost to cable news networks in the 2008-9 season. No election in 2009-10 removed that increase.

2. The 2010 Winter Olympics was a big boost for broadcast in the 2009-10 season vs. 2008-9.

My guess is that going forward the historical audience share gains by ad supported cable will continue once again.

If you’re interested in the long term audience grab by ad supported cable vs. broadcast networks in primetime, check out:

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Note: Attach no particular significance to the cable network logos in the graphic above. It was just handy to include in the post.

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