Lots of chatter in the comments of the Monday ratings report about Harry’s Law.  It’s not just our readers,  even the Hollywood media machine seems mesmerized.   Total viewers don’t matter, BUT, when they are over 10 million all of the sudden it’s like “Oooooh! Look. At. That”  I love scale myself so I understand the place that comes from, but it’s a tale of two sets of numbers:

Harry’s Law:  11.039 million viewers
Hawaii Five-0: 10.615 million viewers
Chuck: 5.923 million viewers.

These comparisons spawn a sentiment of : “Look at Harry’s Law! LOOK. AT. IT.”

Yep, it’s a little bit bigger than Hawaii Five-0 and yep, it’s a lot, lot bigger than Chuck.

But then we look at the advertiser coveted adults 18-49 demo:

Hawaii Five-0: 2.9 rating
Harry’s Law:  2.1 rating
Chuck: 2.0 rating.


28% worse than Hawaii Five-0 and a mere 5% better than Chuck.  Not. Nearly. As. Pretty. Not pretty at all really, considering that shows usually go down from their premieres.

Will Harry’s Law be the exception to the rule?   Will it hold on to its premiere ratings better than most shows, or perhaps even grow?  It’s too early to tell.

It’s also too early to tell how will it will do once it has to go up against new episodes of both Hawaii Five-0 and Castle.  We won’t find out for a few weeks since Hawaii Five-0 is a repeat next week and both ‘Castle’ and ‘Five-0’ are repeats the following week.

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