Next Saturday is bound to be less quiet than this Saturday around here. Fringe is back with new episodes, Chuck returns for its final (or is it?) season and Grimm makes its debut.

Originally the way the scheduling was, Grimm & Chuck were supposed to have debuted last night, but NBC pushed them out a week. Even though Bill is not my brother, I got a twinge of sibling rivalry when that happened. Why? A) Because I’m off next week and B) because Once Upon a Time premieres on Sunday night (Bill will be doing the ratings report on Monday morning) and we predict it will be the new “it” show that drives a lot of interest in its ratings. Bill will also get the Chuck return, the Grimm premiere and a new Fringe.

“Mom!!! You gave Bill a HUGE piece of Apple Pie, and all I got was a few saltines!!!??” Or, as Charlie Brown is prone to saying around Halloween, ‘I got a rock.’

Even though Mom always loved Bill more than me, fortunately, I actually  like saltines. Enjoy your pie, Bill.

(A separate “Guess the ratings for ‘Once Upon a Time” poll will go up on Sunday).

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