Thank you Fox!  Thank you Preston Beckman! Beckman heads up scheduling for Fox. Bill and I both love the sometimes surly (alter ego?) snark of his kinda-sorta but not really anonymous Twitter account. Now we have even more reason to love him. A little bit of interest in the ratings — in late December! Fox scheduled the two night finale of The X Factor for Wednesday and Thursday December 21-22.  So a few days before Christmas and Kwanza, and during Hanukkah. Happy holidays indeed.

Our site traffic takes a tumble every year during the holidays, usually starting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and not recovering until early January. Decembers are dark and relatively lonely around here. Last year our site traffic on the fourth Thursday of December was less than half of the traffic we had the Thursday before Thanksgiving.  It’s sure to be a little bit better this year.

Is it too much to hope for a new episode of Fringe on Friday December 23? I doubt it happens, since X-mas travel probably will spike on Friday. But it would make for a very merry Christmas Eve day for us on Saturday December 24. I don’t think it’s a ridiculous far-fetched notion, but I’m a little biased. Fox would have the (probably very big) finale of The X Factor the night before to promote it…

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