Chuck and No Ordinary Family don’t air on the same network or even the same day, but that doesn’t stop the fans!

It’s NO FAIR!  No fair!  No Ordinary Family gets the cushy Tuesdays at 8pm while NBC forces Chuck to wallow in obscurity in the highly competitive  Mondays at 8pm.  Of COURSE No Ordinary Family has better ratings, it has the far, far, easier timeslot.  It’s not fair! Why doesn’t NBC move Chuck to Tuesdays at 8pm?

Julie Smith
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Bleeding Crimson Tide red for Chuck, are you?  Being number one in college football isn’t good enough?

I’m not sure what prompted the mail since as mentioned they are not on the same network and  I didn’t  headline anything “No Ordinary Family Outperforms Chuck by 37%”  even though it is indeed true this week.

While there’s an argument to be made that Tuesday at 8pm is easier than Mondays at 8pm,  Glee and NCIS aren’t exactly ratings featherweights.  The Biggest Loser isn’t as big as it used to be, but it’s still at least a middleweight ratings wise, and excluding Sunday Night Football perhaps a light heavyweight.

NBC has had decent past success with The Biggest Loser from 8pm-10pm on Tuesdays, and I certainly don’t see NBC changing that this year and even if it did, it almost certainly wouldn’t be done to help out Chuck (and what would NBC air Mondays at 8pm?).

Chuck and No Ordinary Family DO Have a Couple of things In Common

Sure, they’re on different networks on different days, but they do at least both air at 8pm.  Also, Allison Adler who used to write and produce for Chuck is now writing for…No Ordinary Family.  Of course, if No Ordinary Family’s ratings drop 25% more and then more or less stabilize, the shows might have a lot more in common.

Our friend Marc Guggenheim is also working on No Ordinary Family there are links to Eli Stone and Flash Forward, too, but I’d be much happier from every angle to see No Ordinary Family go the Chuck route (it’s in its fourth season)  rather than be a fleeting fling.

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