It’s happening on Twitter, blog comments and no doubt Facebook. Spurned All My Children and One Live to Live fans who are angry with impending cancellations and are boycotting ABC are taking credit for ABC being a bit lower last night than last week.

I’m not saying the fans are crazy for being angry ABC canceled shows they love, but they are nuts if they think their boycott had anything to do with ABC’s results last night.  I’m not much for Fan Excuse Bingo excuses, but I do buy into spring break and NBA basketball taking a toll. A lot of kids are out of school this week and a lot of families are on vacation and all of the big four have seen shows with lows this week.

Can we blame Tuesday night’s low for Glee on Firefly fans who are still angry about the cancellation?  Maybe it was angry ‘Til Death fans? Or of course, Dollhouse! Or maybe even though it was Fox, that can be attributed to the ABC boycott too! There is as much cause and effect either way (which is to say, none).

What do we blame this week’s woes for How I Met Your Mother on? Toss-up: Jericho or Moonlight!  Perhaps you’re in the “NO WAY! It’s gotta be either Chaos or The Defenders fans!” camp.

And how about woeful NBC? Where do we even begin?  Heroes? Kings? Knight RiderPersons Unknown (come on, who makes a show with a title that can be abbreviated P U!).  I’m going with angry Journeyman fans!

This is a game you can play along with at home…


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