Digital Spy has an interview with  Dawn Olivieri who plays the carnie Lydia on Heroes, and she’s not drinking the “Heroes Will Be Canceled” Kool-Aid.

There have been a lot of rumours that this may be the final season. Have the cast been assured that this isn’t the case? Or have you been kept in the dark too?

“Everybody talks about it losing momentum and not being so great in the ratings, but honestly, this show makes so much money for NBC that I don’t see it gong anywhere. It’s had No.1 DVD sales every year it’s been on – internationally – and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. I think it’ll keep going.”

Normally I take actors talking about their shows not getting canceled with huge grains of salt, but this time I’m mostly with her.  I don’t know about internationally, but in the USA even the season 3 DVD still sold relatively very well for a TV show (it wasn’t #1 in the US, or number 2 or even #3 so far as I can make out, trailing True Blood, The Office, and 24).

But ratings continue to languish and now Heroes is below NBC’s average and now on the bubble between renewal and cancellation purely based on the ratings. Throw in DVD and International sales and that it doesn’t seem likely to me that NBC will throw every scripted show overboard other than Law & Order: SVU  and the 30 minute comedies and I still am leaning towards renewal.

Of course, the ratings could still continue to go down.   But who knows?  In a return to its 9pm time slot, beginning January 11 they might even go up a little.

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