I don’t follow development season very closely, but Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva has a good summary of some of the early pilot season indications.

Andreeva notes that NBC is such a mess and will need so many series, Chuck could eke out another renewal yet.  While we (sadly) now have Chuck in more likely to be canceled than renewed territory, a renewal wouldn’t be a surprise.

Far more surprising (at least to me) was the notion from Andreeva that Fox might keep Human Target around to pair with Fringe on Fridays.  While like Chuck, we have Human Target as more likely to be canceled than renewed, I just can’t see that Friday pairing.

Warner Bros may have given Fox a sweet deal on Fringe, but I can’t see what’s in it for Warner Bros to do that with Human Target. With Fringe, Warner Bros could at least make the case that it sells some DVDs and is close to syndication. Human Target has neither going for it.

That said, we at TV by the Numbers definitely root for Fox to run another scripted show along with Fringe on Fridays to boost interest in Friday night ratings even further.

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