Though on the surface, I’m not personally much more of a Twitter fan than David Letterman (he mocks it and describest it a waste of time) for things like Comic-Con and the upfronts it can come in very handy.

There’s a Comic-Con panel right now underway featuring Dollhouse’s Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon.  And the Twitterati chime in:

sepinwall Joss and Eliza are sitting in each other’s seats. Eliza wants to try on Joss’ personality; he says he wants to try on her dress.18 minutes ago from web

sepinwall Epitaph One is amazing. I just have no idea how the show will deal with some viewers having seen it and many having not.16 minutes ago from web

moryan spoiler alert for #dollhouse Victor “might get better quickly” #SDCC Comic-Con

EWPopWatch Eliza Dushku at Dollhouse panel: She’ll voice a game called Wet under her production shingle. It’s due out in September or October. #SDCC

EWPopWatch (Lynette) Joss Whedon says “Wired” when asked what what he reads for Dollhouse inspiration. “But I’m also reading Julie and Julia.” #SDCC

MoTancharoendid you like epitaph one?10 minutes ago from mobile web

moryan #Dollhouse imho EpitaphOne is rlly good. Had some questions after seeing it, but mainly to do with the risks taken. & I’m in favor of risks

jennifergodwin SWEET! Alexis Denisof to guest on #Dollhouse ! #comiccon “Eliza, you will take a blade to him at one point.”8 minutes ago from TwitterFox

jennifergodwin “If the stars align we might also see a little Glau.” Come on Summer! #dollhouse #comiccon

moryan On Season 2 of #Dollhouse, Alexis Denisof will be in “a few” episodes, maybe “if the stars align” Summer Glau. W00t! #SDCC Comic-Con

moryan New DP of #Dollhouse worked on EpOne and they are figuring out a new, visceral way to film the show. New season “about taking chances”6 minutes ago from web

sepinwall Joss hinting at lots of familiar faces guesting on Dollhouse, including Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau.6 minutes ago from web

sepinwall Joss says the look of season two will be modeled on Epitaph One, whose DP will stick with the show to help change the style.

moryan why do you kill off favorite characters? Joss “I hate people. I want them to suffer and die. I like to think that’s reflected in my work.”

moryan Seriously he said it helps further stories and also sometimes it’s a contractual thing and he has to. #SDCC Comic-Con #DOllhouse

sepinwall Joss: “No one can be trusted” in the Dollhouse. “There’s one person that can be trusted, but I’m going to kill them.”1 minute ago from web

EWPopWatch Fan to Joss Whedon at Dollhouse panel: “You killed Penny, you bastard!” Whedon to fan: “But we brought her back!” #sdcc

moryan Zack Ward, Adair Tishler & @feliciaday will be in Ep 1 of Season 2 of #Dollhouse All appear in #EpitaphOne, we will see that world again

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