Sunday nights at 10pm marks the last hour of our hour by hour coverage of the fall broadcast schedule.  No new shows, but CSI: Miami moves to  a new time slot and faces off against Brothers & Sisters and Sunday Night Football.

Sunday Nights 10pm-11pm:

Sunday 10:00p 10:30p
Brothers & Sisters
CSI: Miami
Sunday Night Football

Who’ll Win? A no-brainer pick: Sunday Night Football.  As I mentioned in the post for Thursdays @10pm, who wins is fun for discussion and sport, but it doesn’t matter nearly as much as the actual ratings.   If Brothers & Sisters edges out CSI: Miami for second place but has lower ratings then it did last year, ABC won’t be thrilled.  Conversely, CBS could conceivably come in last for the hour and still significantly improve the Sunday 10pm hour versus last year and be happy.

While I of course look for CSI: Miami to perform worse Sundays at 10pm than it did on Mondays at 10pm last season with a Big Bang Theory lead-in, I fully expect it to perform better than Cold Case.  My guess is after the premiere week dust settles it will better Brothers & Sisters with adults 18-49.

You can find all the previous hour-by-hour coverage here.

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