Our night-by-night looks continue with a look at Saturday.  Let’s face it, Saturday night would’ve been omitted from any night-by-night look and the only reason it is there is the highlighted portion above.

There is no sound in the vacuum space, though most science fiction television completely ignores that.  You hear sound and you think (if you are a geek like some of us), “hey, that shouldn’t be there.”  That’s how I feel when I look up and see original episodes of Rules Of Engagement in that grid. It shouldn’t be there. But there it is.

Does this mean CBS is trying to breathe life into Saturday nights?  Absolutely not.  The question is how badly Cops will beat it.

The other question is how badly Fox’s Saturday ratings will be impacted with America’s Most Wanted effectively canceled. Its moving from an hour once a week to a once per quarter two hour special.

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