If you know me.  You know I’m a Chuck fan who was happy the show was renewed.  I like the fan campaign started by Wendy Farrington that suggested fans go buy a foot-long from Subway (harking back to some product integration where “Big Mike” eats a  “sweet onion chicken Teriyaki sub.”

I liked it because unlike some dumbass campaign that would’ve involved sending pocket protectors to NBC, this at least involved fans spending cash at one of the show’s sponsors.

But SUCH a big deal was made out of that campaign and its value to saving the show.  I had trouble buying that even at the time the show’s renewal was announced, but now it’s pretty clear to me that it was nonsensical rubbish of the PR puffery variety.  Maybe it made Ben Silverman feel good to spin it that way (for all the good it did him!).

It could be that initially it wasn’t nonsense, but for whatever reason evolved into nonsense over time. Why do I say that?  On the recent Firewall and Iceberg podcast* from New Jersey Star Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall and HitFix’s Daniel Fienberg,  they discussed that the first product integration of the season with Subway will happen in the fourth new episode after the Olympics end.

That will be the season’s 11th episode overall, out of what was initially planned as a 13 episode season!  It doesn’t really seem like a bigger deal than last year’s product integration (pictured above).

*Though I ran into some audio issues with the recent podcast — I’d have to turn the volume up when Fienberg spoke, and then back down while Sepinwall was talking — I highly recommend fans of TV shows give it a listen.

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