I’ll miss Fringe being on Thursday nights. First, I counted myself among the 2% or so of the U.S. population who watches both Bones and Fringe on Thursdays.  It also made the Friday morning ratings reports a bit more interesting to me.

But now Fringe set its sights on Friday nights, at least after a six week sabbatical.  It will return on Friday, January 21.

I loved that the writers named the first Friday episode “Firefly” a shout-out to Joss Whedon’s Firefly which (briefly) made its home on Fox on Friday nights.  Sadly, I don’t see it working out much better for Fringe on Friday nights.

Comments from Fox chief Kevin Reilly have rallied some of the fans.  Reilly basically said that if Fringe could get the same 1.9 adults 18-49 rating it had been pulling on Thursday nights,  it would be a huge win for Fox.  And for some it was as if by merely suggesting the possibility it could happen, it might actually happen.

The odds of Fringe pulling a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating on Friday are better than the odds of any of us being able to travel to an alternate universe, but for any practical purpose, probably only slightly better.

Does Fringe needs to maintain a 1.9 adults 18-49 on Fridays to survive?  Many will quibble that Fox would be fine with a 1.8 or a 1.7 on Fridays and  that might even be true.  Some will even go as low as a 1.6 or a 1.5.   I’d love to see the ratings in those ranges so the quibbling can continue through the rest of the season.  But dropping  to a 1.3 (or worse) adults 18-49 rating within a few weeks (or faster) seems the most probable outcome.

I suspect fairly quickly that those going with the line of “Fringe has a small but loyal following who will show up on Fridays” will very rapidly migrate to “It is on FRIDAYS what the #$^! did Fox expect?”

My plan is to brace for the hailstorm of “Why did they have to move it from Thursday?  It was consistent and didn’t do much worse than Bones! (though in the finals for Fringe’s last Thursday it did 29% worse than Bones) comments while also enjoying the remainder of the episodes.

The six weeks will go by fast.

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