You know that moment near the end of Fringe’s season three finale when Peter was flickering off the screen (pictured above) and apparently out of existence? And then Walter and Walternate continued their conversation as if nothing happened and you were thinking, “WHAT!?  WAIT! WHAT!?:

And you know how moments later when the Observers confirmed what you’d just seen happen had actually happened and you were thinking HUH?  WHAT!?” “WHAT!!!?”

That is exactly how I felt in March when one of the producers of Fringe tweeted the show had been renewed and moments later Fox confirmed that not only had the show been renewed, it had been renewed for a full season off 22 episodes.

The finale left me far more clueless though as at least with the renewal we could reasonably speculate that cost was a major factor.  Speculating about what happened to Peter and how they will handle next season is much trickier.

I look forward to next season’s shenanigans, both with the show and its ratings.


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