A couple of years ago, DirecTV saved Friday Night Lights by acquiring the rights from NBC to air it first.  This summer DirecTV picked up the exclusive rights to Damages, saving it from the cancellation heap.  When that happened, the image that popped into my head was of fans of low-rated shows pleading, “help us, Obi Wan DirecTV, you’re our only hope.”

I decided this season I’d periodically do a “DirecTV Please Save Our Show Top 10”

This list is for entertainment and discussion purposes only. Taking it seriously could be harmful to your mental health, or at least a sign that your mental health has already been harmed.

Here’s the inaugural top 10:

Rank Show Current Network
1 Terriers FX
2 Rubicon AMC
3 The Good Guys Fox
4 Life Unexpected CW
5 Outlaw NBC
6 The Whole Truth ABC
7 Caprica Syfy
8 Running Wilde Fox
9 Detroit 1-8-7 ABC
10 Undercovers NBC

Only shows that are currently airing are eligible for this list.   I toyed around with the idea of an all-time list that included shows canceled years ago, but for now that’s on the back burner (unless Bill or Julia feel like handling it) and besides, I’d probably cheat and rig that contest so that Veronica Mars won.

This list isn’t entirely arbitrary as it’s limited only to shows with low-ratings.  Fan feedback received directly or via the comments on the site certainly factored into the rankings.  Outside of that, it’s definitely arbitrary.

Why not a Top 20?   Reasonably speaking the odds of DirectTV saving any show is very bad and again, this list is for entertainment and discussion purposes only.  The odds of DirecTV saving another show are very slim, the odds of them saving 10 shows from the list are zero.  So why bother with 20?  Besides, shows will get cancelled, go off the air and be removed from the list and other shows will rise to the top 10.

This list is not sanctioned by DirecTV.  If they want to lock in a sponsorship just in case Comcast saves Chuck and this list is branded instead with Comcast that’s fine.  If Comcast wants to get ahead of the curve and just buy-in right now, that’s fine too (no regulatory approval required!).

One more time:  This list is for entertainment and discussion purposes only.    You can leave 1,000 comments in favor of your show and it’s not going to make a difference.  That’s not to say DirecTV might, perhaps, possibly maybe save your show, only that it won’t be as a result of anything that happens with this post.  If it simply makes you feel better to show your support for your favorite low-rated show, go for it.

Feel free to quibble with my selections.  As I noted, for purposes of this list, I *am* actually influenced somewhat by fan input.

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