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I know Bill already posted about the DVD sales for the week ending August 30, but I thought there was a lot more to say about the weekly sales for the week ending August 30 (chart again included below).

First, though Smallville sold fewer units than House, Smallville was the #1 TV show in dollar sales for the week with almost$6.7 million.  An impressive feat for a show on the CW.   Smallville’s almost 183,000 units and $6.7 million were down from last year’s seventh season debut on DVD which sold more than 212,000 units and made over $8 million in its first week.  It’s not quite apples-to-apples because last year Smallville debuted on September 9, and this year it came out on August 25.

Meanwhile House’s season five debut on DVD with over 223,000 units and over $6 million and sales was up over last year’s season four’s first week sales when it sold over 167,000 units and made $5.5 million.  Also not quite apples-to-apples, since last year House was released a week earlier.    But if there was any positive impact for House in terms of the marathons on USA Network, it falls into the category of “Pssh, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

The real “wow” for me was with NCIS, which was released during the same week this year as it was last year. First week sales of the sixth season of NCIS beat first week sales of season five by more than 100%, both in unit sales (126,506 units this year vs. 54, 991 last year) and revenue ($4.49 million vs. $2.11 million).

It’s hard (ok, impossible) for us to quantify  exactly what impact the heavy rotation of NCIS on USA Network played in the increases.  And I should probably note that outside of some special episodes (the backdoor pilot for NCIS: Los Angeles), none of the season six episodes have begun airing on USA Network yet.

Indeed, viewing of NCIS’s sixth season on CBS was up over season five to record levels for the series, though nowhere close to 100%.   It’s reasonable to conclude that the heavy rotation on USA hasn’t hurt DVD sales, and has probably only helped.  Either way, 100% increases for first week sales year over year is impressive.

NCIS’ first week sales this year were greater than its first two week’s sales last year (82,751 units, $3.2 million in sales).

US TV Show DVD Sales for Week Ending August 30, 2009:

Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Weeks in Release
House, M.D. – Season Five 223,351 223,351 $6,028,243 $6,028,243 1
Smallville: The Complete Eighth Season 182,894 182,894 $6,673,802 $6,673,802 1
NCIS: The Complete Sixth Season 126,506 126,506 $4,489,698 $4,489,698 1
One Tree Hill: The Complete Sixth Season 109,027 109,027 $3,923,882 $3,923,882 1
Scrubs: The Complete Eighth Season 97,130 97,130 $2,524,409 $2,524,409 1
Dexter – The Complete Third Season 94,278 -68.30% 391,858 $2,713,321 $8,789,904 2
WWE: The Rise and Fall of WCW 77,615 77,615 $1,823,176 $1,823,176 1
The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season 53,902 -67.70% 220,690 $1,724,325 $7,059,873 2
True Blood: The Complete First Season 49,217 28% 1,422,232 $1,722,103 $49,552,792 15
Sons of Anarchy – Season One 44,304 -50.90% 134,539 $1,417,285 $4,303,903 2
Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Series 38,451 -63.10% 142,740 $1,441,528 $5,225,133 2
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