Though I’m not personally a fan of music competitions, I don’t have anything against reality shows or American Idol and I don’t have any bones to pick with the reality genre.

Yep, Idol was down ~14% from last week’s two-hour telecast and down 30% from last year’s equivalent telecast, but last year was a two-hour telecast and the 8pm hour is always lower-rated than the 9pm hour.  Still, it’s a big drop off. If I’m at Fox I’m not running around thinking the sky is falling — last night’s Idol surely be the highest-rated show of the week. But I’m definitely not happy either since last night it effectively  faced no competition at 8pm with ABC & CBS in repeats that hour  NBC’s and CW’s originals fared worse than the ABC & CBS repeats so they don’t really count. At its current levels it still amounts to “sure, it could be better but it could be much, much worse. We’ll take it!”

That just doesn’t seem that bad off to me. Either way, there’s still bound to be plenty of “The Voice” vs. “American Idol”  blathering in the coming weeks .

As for  Touch, I think Fox has to be pleased. It scored a 3.9 adults 18-49 rating which it held in the finals that accounted for the ~5 minute overrun past 10pm ET). In the preliminary data (that did not account for the last five minutes) the half hour breakout was a 4.1 and a 3.7 adults 18-49 rating. Not really much drop off. The real test of course is how it fares in its official premiere — and more importantly after — with House as its lead-in. But last night was a good showing no matter how you slice it.

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