A small bag of mail this Friday…

Yes! Last night’s episode of Fringe was awesome.  And the ratings went UP!  But they still look, how shall I say, smallish?  Is Fringe any better off than it was last week? Do I still need to worry?

Dean Winchester
Lawrence, Ks

Personally I agree that last night’s episode was the best in ages.  The problem for me is all the so-so episodes between.  But enough about show quality and back to the ratings.  Fringe isn’t really any better off than it was last week, but it’s no worse off either.  The situation with Fringe makes predicting its fate trickier.  Bones/Fringe have improved Fox’s stature on Thursdays,  but Fox has three hours of X-Factor to schedule next fall.   The ratings merit some worry, but it’s a case where another season of smallish ratings might not be the show’s death knell.   Or to quote the Magic 8-Ball: reply hazy, ask again later.

I keep reading on your website that Detroit 1-8-7 is going to be cancelled and that No Ordinary Family is doing so great.  But both their ratings in millions are super similar.  How does that logic follow?  Thanks.  Love your website.

Patrick Sheridan
Whereabouts, Unknown

Thanks for the kind words!  But you do not keep reading that on our site,  at least not from us.  We can’t be held responsible for the opinions left by others in the comments.  In the most recent renew/cancel index,  the prospects for Detroit 1-8-7 were “more likely to be canceled than renewed.”  That’s not a good prognosis, but we weren’t calling it dead yet.   Detroit 1-8-7 did drop again and we’ll have to see how that effects next week’s index.

You seem to be making the classic mistake of focusing on total viewers.  Total viewers don’t really matter. While I’m not sure we’d say  No Ordinary Family was doing great, it has much better 18-49 ratings so far, and those 18-49 ratings are the ones to focus on when it comes to renew/cancel prospects.

Blah, blah, blah, 18-49, blah, blah, blah total viewers don’t matter, blah, blah, blah. You guys sing only one note.  OF COURSE total viewers matter.

Scott Olsen
Cambridge, Ma.

Obviously they matter to you, and we don’t have any problem with that.  We wouldn’t have any problem if they did matter, and the networks would absolutely love it if they mattered.  But, they don’t.  We don’t have any agenda, we merely observe how the decisions are actually made. We don’t rely on how we or others think decisions should be made, and instead focus on what actually happens.  That approach annoys some people, but count on us sticking with it. If total viewers start to matter, we will notice.

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