HA! V went UP in the ratings! UP!  Despite your foolish “it’s likely to be canceled BS” it won’t be canceled, it will be renewed! IT WENT UP! HA!  HA!  HA!

Morena Baccarin Lover
Portland, Or

Indeed, ‘V’ went up.  Not much, but still up a tenth of an adults 18-49 ratings point is better than down a tenth. 

But I’ve got some bad news for you sunshine,  whatever teeny tiny little bit of momentum ‘V’ has, the president of the United States of America is about to crush it.  Next Tuesday is The State of the Union Address and ABC will air a repeat of ‘No Ordinary Family’ (also hurting its momentum) and coverage of President Obama’s address. The following week (February 1), ‘V’ will have a repeat of ‘No Ordinary Family’ as its lead-in.  None of that seems to add up to “ride the momentum, baby.”  We’ll see.

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