You hate Fringe! You take giddy delight in bashing it.  Fringe is the best show ever, there’s no way Fox will cancel it! How dare you say it won’t back next year!


And on the heels of that I received the very reasonable:

I know you like Fringe, and I know the numbers, especially last night’s, haven’t been good.  But as commenters noted, Fringe experienced something similar when it got a 1.7 rating [adults 18-49] which was actually lower than last night’s 1.8 when it came back after the World Series last year.

I know it would be foolish to think Fringe is a shoo-in to be renewed, but I don’t think it’s crazy to think it might be renewed.  When it comes to ratings and renewals, Fringe might be Fox’s version of Chuck!

Los Angeles, CA

At least Brian knows I like Fringe. I enjoyed last night’s episode.  Fringe: consider yourself bashed!

At this point we still consider Fringe a bubble show as far as renewal for next season goes.  That could change, but for now, it’s on the bubble.   It’s not crazy to think any bubble show might be renewed.  It is kind of crazy to assume “there’s no way Fox will cancel it.”   I think Brian’s Chuck analogy is probably a good one, and I won’t be surprised to see Fringe on the bubble all season long.

And Stan, simmer down, man. First, at least so far, we never suggested that Fringe won’t be back next year, only that it might not be back.

We take delight in reporting the ratings as well as figuring out renewal prospects.  Sometimes the fans don’t like the ratings, but don’t shoot the messenger.  So far, Fringe’s ratings have been in the “toss up” range where neither renewal nor cancellation for next season should surprise anyone.   That’s what the numbers say.  We don’t take delight in bashing shows.  Now whipping folks like Stan into a frenzy if they can’t handle the numbers…?  That’s another story, but  I usually  enjoy watching Fringe more than that.

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