Didn’t you people see all the stories where the producers of Gossip Girl were interviewed and said that renewal was a certainty and that every time they asked the network execs whether they should be writing a season finale they are basically told “OMG please, stop it! we love you!”  But you show Gossip Girl on the bubble and it has three uncertain faces in the renew/cancel report. Why haven’t you changed that yet?

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We did see those stories, but Bubble Watch and the Renew/Cancel Index are only updated weekly and those stories surfaced after our weekly updates. That said, I’m not likely to take Gossip Girl off the bubble. While I don’t automatically discount anything said by producers or actors, “they tell us we’ll be renewed” isn’t the same as “it’s renewed.”  My sense is that in this case there’s at least something to it and  were it in “likely to be canceled” status currently I would probably bump it to “on the bubble”, but since it’s already on the bubble…

CW’s renewals are hard to predict based on ratings alone because its ratings are so tiny in general, but ratings are the only solid and reliable info that we have access to so it’s still ourprimary basis for predicting. The conventional wisdom is the CW as a network is a money loser, but its owners CBS and Warner Bros make up for the losses based on profits its studios make on the shows. So basically f Warner Bros wants another season of Gossip Girl, it will almost certainly get it. We can’t discern if that’s really the case based on comments from the producers and sadly, they won’t, you know, just tell us.

I’ll leave it to my partner to go with the “What higher-rated show will be canceled if Gossip Girl is Renewed?’ poll in a future Renew/Cancel Index.


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