I was wondering how much data you get on Univision and whether, at some point in the future, we’ll get to see their hourly/half-hourly ratings broken down in the same way as the big four (and the CW)? Now that it’s becoming more and more frequent for them to beat at least one of the big four in demo terms, I’d be fascinated to get a peek at their programming in a bit more detail.

We used to include the overnight ratings for individual Univision shows (as opposed to just their primetime averages) in our regular overnight fast affiliate ratings posts a couple years ago when we started the website, but there just wasn’t the reader interest in them to continue doing it. We also regularly posted a lot of other things a couple years ago we don’t do any longer as the site has evolved.

At some point in the future might there be enough interest to return to posting the ratings for individual Univision shows? After more than three years of this, I’ve learned never to say never on what we may or may not do.

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