A little Friday “toss-up” action as we head into the holiday season.

Both Chuck and Fringe pull similar ratings, but they are on different networks.   I watch both shows and as a fan, I’d like to see them both renewed.  But, for today’s poll “both” is not an option: you can pick only one.

Walter (John Noble) unearths clues to a case in the "6955 kHz" episode of FRINGE

I know there are many Fringe fans who can’t imagine Fox would ever cancel Fringe, I  certainly can imagine Fringe not being renewed for next season.  I can also imagine NBC not renewing Chuck, but if I have to pick which one is more likely to be renewed, I pick Chuck because it airs on a strug-guh-ling NBC.

Fox isn’t NBC, plus it has four hours of the fall schedule reserved for X Factor and Terra Nova.  Fox programs 7 fewer hours a week than NBC, so it has less space to fill up.

Like the horoscopes, these polls are for entertainment purposes only.

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