Update December 16: NBC has downsized The Sing Off finale back down to 2 hours, but will still preview Perfect Couples after.  NBC will air a repeat of The Office from 10:30-11p.

Variety reports NBC is expanding the finale of The Sing Off by 30 minutes next Monday.  The Sing Off finale will air from 8p-10:30p and NBC has slotted in an episode (not the pilot)  of new comedy Perfect Couples at 10:30p.    This bumps the Chuck repeat originally scheduled for 10pm.

Perfect Couples will still premiere in its announced Thursday, 8:30p slot on January 20.

NBC can’t be faulted for wanting to take advantage of The Sing Off’s better-than-expected ratings, both by extending it and using it as a lead-in for something other than a repeat.

NBC is also bumping previously scheduled Chuck repeats on December 27 in favor of a repeat of the TV movie A Walk in My Shoes.

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