In last Tuesday’s episode (10/15) of her new Bravo show, I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding, NeNe Leakes waits for news last spring about  the fate of her previous show, The New Normal, while reading TV by the Numbers.

In the scene, she’s reading news on TV by the Numbers, her show (The New Normal) and Community are still “alive” but she’s reading a post (by our Amanda Kondolojy) about all the comedies that NBC had cancelled so far.

“That is shocking,” she exclaims after reading the headline that Go On has been cancelled after one season. Then she reads the very short post aloud: “Go On has been cancelled after one season, it joins Whitney, 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids and Up All Night. Now we’re just waiting on The New Normal and Community.”

“Oh.My.God. They have cancelled a lot of the shows that came in when we came in,” she tells her fiancé.

Then there’s more talk about how it sucks to have to wait to find out if your shows are canceled, and she’s not sure who is more unpredictable her bridesmaids or NBC executives.

They shot video for the scene in  near real-time since the same post was pretty quickly updated to reflect The New Normal’s cancellation, but that update did not get any screen time.

Much later in the show, in the show’s final scene, she learns of the The New Normal’s cancellation via a phone call from her manager.

We’re happy to have NeNe Leakes as a fan of the site!

Here are some more screen caps from the episode:




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