There have been many articles about how this Fall’s broadcast TV rookie class hasn’t produced a “hit”. It’s worse than that.

Few rookie shows this season are even above average compared to the other scripted show ratings  for their own network’s scripted shows.

How many rookie scripted shows  had an above average 18-49 rating* last week?:

  • ABC: None. ABC’s Fall rookie class could become a complete wash out, only Better With You seems to have any chance of making it to next season. Good thing it’s the last President’s fault!
  • CBS: Mike & Molly, $#*! My Dad Says, Hawaii Five-0 (barely). CBS’ rookie class is the best of a bad lot.
  • CW: None last week. Nikita the previous week (was a repeat last week). As much grief as the CW gets, both of their rookies have been about average for them.
  • Fox: None two weeks ago. (Fox missed many of its scripted shows due to baseball this week, so its scripted average is wacky). Raising Hope has received a full season order, but recent episodes have fallen below Fox’s weekly scripted averages.
  • NBC: Outsourced. Even Law & Order: LA fell below NBC’s relatively pitiful scripted show average this week.

*compared to their own networks original scripted show 18-49 average last week. Live+Same Day final ratings used for Monday-Thursday, preliminary ratings used for Friday-Sunday.

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