If you’re a reader of our regular weekly soap opera ratings posts, you’ll have noted that One Life To Live ratings were up last week, on the heels of its cancellation by ABC along with All My Children.

Some media went with a “Too Soon?” headline on the news (well played for clickthrough purposes).

It’s more like “Too Little, Too Late”.

Canceling those two shows was not a decision taken lightly by ABC, and short term ratings fluctuations are certainly not going to make them regret, let alone change their decision. Neither is a “boycott” by an internet echo chamber group of soap fans.

Some fans might convince themselves that their “Save Our Show” efforts got their “bubble” shows renewed (hello, Chuck fans!), but there’s almost no history of shows that were renewed by a network after they were already announced as cancelled and their replacements named. (sure, Futurama, The Game, and a handful of others, feel free to trot them out in the comments).

To all the fans still laboring to get those soaps renewed, everybody needs a hobby!

Update: I see from the comments that my last line above was widely misinterpreted, so let me be a bit more clear.

Your efforts to revive those now cancelled soaps are a complete waste of time. If you find the effort fun, like a hobby, then more power to you, but if you think you’re actually going to accomplish something it’s time to begin moving through the TV Fan Stages of Grief.


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