Update: USA Network’s Twitter feeds are confirming the dates/times below.

The latest info from USA Network paints an interesting schedule where USA Network apparently looks to compete with The Jay Leno Show with scripted programming as often as possible  by having White Collar, Burn Notice and Psych all air at 10pm on different nights, with White Collar on Tuesdays (beginning January 19), Psych on Wednesdays (beginning January 27) and Burn Notice on Thursdays (beginning January 21).

Earlier in the month The Futon Critic reported that its sources had confirmed that White Collar would be paired with Burn Notice on Thursdays. I posted The Futon Critic’s version.  The Futon Critic apparently heard directly from USA Network PR that what it was reporting hadn’t been confirmed, but TFC stuck with its sources.

I heard from the folks who run Internet outreach for USA Network.  They’re very nice folks, and the ones who supply all the awesome prizes for our “guess the ratings” contests featuring USA Network shows. They told me that the info was wrong and should be pulled down from our site.

I protested that I was only carrying the TFC info.  He protested back that the info was wrong.  I was stubborn.  Now it looks like I shouldn’t have been so stubborn!

The Futon Critic is now linking to advanced listings from USA Network that paint a different schedule than TFC originally reported earlier.  Of course those advanced listings are subject to change and there is almost two months between now and thenSee update above, USA Network has officially announced the dates,

Though I can see the benefits of trying to couple White Collar with Burn Notice (to the benefit of improved exposure for White Collar), I also like Burn Notice’s chances at 10pm on Thursdays better than 9pm during the regular broadcast television season.  I think the bumping Burn Notice to 9pm and pairing it with something else at 10pm (as it did with Royal Pains) makes more sense in the summer.

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