Sadly for fans of The Playboy Club, all the free promotion from the Parents Television Council didn’t add up to people watching the premiere. Now the PTC has set its sights on something more people actually watched: Fox’s The X Factor. It’s no surprise the PTC is complaining that Fox violated broadcast decency rules after one of the contestants on Wednesday pulled his pants down and exposed himself during his routine.

“The prolonged, previously videotaped footage of a contestant dancing nude on the X Factor stage represents a conscious decision by the producers – with the approval of the network’s broadcast standards department – to intentionally air this content in front of millions of families during hours when they knew full well that children would be watching,” PTC President Tim Winters said.

While even the judges found the performance quite disturbing, it’s not like Fox didn’t “X” out the nudity (i.e., you knew he pulled his pants down, but otherwise his privates were X’d out).

Update: per commenters the guy wasn’t even actually naked, he was wearing a thong.


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