Radar Online reports that CBS chief Les Moonves wants to lure Charlie Sheen back to Two and a Half Men. The story says Moonves is in discussions with Warner Bros and ‘Men’ producer Chuck Lorre to figure out how to mend fences and come up with a solution to bring Sheen back.

“Moonves told Chuck Lorre that he should ‘let us handle Charlie’,” the story’s source says.

“Moonves wants to get the show back on the air. He’s all for it,” the insider adds. “He says certain people need to forget anything and everything Charlie’s done recently and just move on with the business at hand.

If true, it’s hardly surprising given the success of Two and a Half Men and I’d be surprised if Warner Bros wasn’t interested in that outcome, too. But with the egos involved, convincing Lorre, who took the brunt of Sheen’s vitriol, to forgive and forget could be a challenge. The story’s source says that if they can just get Sheen and Lorre speaking again, that “cooler heads will prevail.”

The story notes that it’s uncertain how far along Moonves is, or how interested Sheen would be in returning even if he was offered his job back.

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