Syfy is looking to wrap Eureka with a six episode final season, according to But don’t despair Eureka fans, that means  there’s still quite a bit more Eureka left. The second half of season four (season 4.5) is what’s airing now on Syfy. The Eureka team is in the midst of wrapping filming of its 13 episode fifth season. reports that the six episodes are on top of that, and would begin filming in October.

There are still six episodes left to air of season 4.5, add that the the thirteen episodes from season 5 plus the six more that Syfy wants and that’s 25 episodes of Eureka left.

Update: EW’s James Hibberd writes that Syfy confirms the 6 episode order, but disputes Deadline’s report that the six episodes will mark the end.  In a statement to EW, Syfy’s head of programming Mark Stern said:

 “Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia have brought a creative vitality to Eureka that has kept it fresh and inventive. Although we do not have a commitment beyond six episodes for the sixth season, we are hopeful that this will not be the end of the franchise.”

Wishy-washy much, Mr. Stern? Perhaps he’s trying to quell the “Oh noooo!” whining from fans on Twitter but a better way to quell that would’ve been by announcing a 10, 13 or 20 episode sixth season. It’s reasonable to conclude that the intent of ordering a six episodes mini sixth season was to wrap the series up.

Let the “Eureka TV movie” talk begin!

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