I got a few e-mails that basically went “Fringe just had its best back-to-back episodes in a long time.  Now baseball is coming along pre-empting Fringe for at least the next two (and possibly three)  weeks killing its momentum. #$!@ baseball!”

First, two words: go Giants!

Secondly, two more words: What momentum?

I totally agree the last couple of episodes made for the best back-to-back episodes of Fringe in a good while.  But realistically, at least in the preliminary numbers, the adults 18-49 ratings went down from last week not up, though total viewers was up by a few handfuls.

There was no momentum to kill and I don’t see the break hurting Fringe’s ratings unless you really buy into the theory that after last night’s episode Fringe was bound to go up.  Anyone who thought similarly based on last week’s episode was disappointed.

When Fringe comes back from its mini baseball-related hiatus look for it to be in the neighborhood of a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating.

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