I don’t have the year to year trend data for teenage viewers handy, but apparently teenage viewership is waning:

Researchers said there are some concerns about dwindling youth deliveries. “Overall, teens have declined significantly,”  Lyle Schwartz, managing partner, research and marketplace analysis, GroupM said. “They just seem not to be there this year, and we don’t know if that’s a question of the programming or a function of the Nielsen sampling.”

If there is an issue with the sampling it definitely doesn’t impact all shows equally. Family Guy and Glee still have decent ratings with the 12-17 demo.  But neither of those shows holds a candle to the 12-17 ratings for  MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Last week’s episode Family Guy was tops on broadcast with a 5.3/17 rating/share with 12-17 year olds. Glee had a  preliminary 12-17 rating/share of 4.6/17.   Meanwhile  Jersey Shore had a whopping 6.9 rating and a 27  share with people 12-17 on Thursday night.

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