Stephen Lang who played Nathaniel Taylor on Terra Nova is unsurprisingly upset about the show’s cancellation. He compares the plight of the show to that of the Hubble Telescope which launched with a flaw in one of its mirrors that rendered it less effective than planned. The Hubble got its chance though and was repaired and went on to provide the Earth-bound with beautiful images of the universe we live in.

The astronomy buff in me finds his comments a bit offensive, and I strongly disagree with his conclusion that “Failing to renew Terra Nova is shortsighted, as myopic as it would have been to scrap the Hubble. Terra Nova is the Hubble Telescope of television.” But despite that, his statement (worth clicking over to read) is hands-down the most awesome post-cancellation rant from an actor I’ve ever seen.

Will Netflix keep hope alive for a Terra Nova “Finger of God” moment?

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