Update: Not exactly a Dollhouse situation, but CBS has picked up The Defenders for a full season.

If I were into the Internet kitsch of fake tombstones, there might be a picture of one for The Defenders that said “Baseball was not berry, berry good to me.”

Both of The Defenders 2.2 adults 18-49 ratings (series low) have come up against baseball. One involving the Yankees, and one not.  That last night didn’t involve the Yankees is a good thing for The Defenders since the ALCS game 4 (3.3 adults 18-49 rating) on TBS Tuesday night was a bigger draw than Giants-Phillies game 4 last night on Fox, at least based on preliminary #s for Giants-Phillies.

Some have posed the reasonable question of whether CBS needs to think differently about its 10pm shows in light of the DVR era.  And perhaps it does need to soften expectations (rather than completely throwing in the towel).  There is a point where there are diminishing returns in canceling 10pm shows and replacing them with shows that aren’t likely to perform much better at 10pm.

However, a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating for The Defenders (two of them, even) has got to be too soft for CBS,  even if it was going against baseball.  Especially since The Good Wife actually went up to a 2.6 rating on Tuesday night at 10pm up against the New York Yankees, it’s not a good sign for The Defenders.

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