I’m not going to confuse the ratings benefit 60 Minutes gets when the national afternoon NFL game is its lead-in with a “resurgence,” but I agree wholeheartedly with our old friend Josef Adalian that CBS is pretty much firing on all cylinders.

I’d give higher marks to CBS than any of the other networks as far as primetime goes.  90% of the reason Masked Scheduler stays masked is so he can curse on Twitter, but is the other 50% (pardon the Yogi Berra math) because not so deep down he knows that real schedulers have to program the 10pm hour?

By that thinking, CBS’s Kelly Kahl is a real scheduler, but should  Kahl and CBS get a pass when it comes to weak ratings for The Good Wife and even weaker ratings for The Defenders?

Kahl sloughs off weakness for both to 10pm being “tough sledding” in the DVR era.  There’s no doubt that’s true, and often publicly acknowledged, but here’s the unspoken truth: Kahl and CBS don’t think either of those shows would do better at 8pm or 9pm than any of the shows CBS currently airs at 8pm or 9pm.

How do you know that’s true?  All you have to do is look at the schedule.

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