Unsurprisingly, the cable hit that is The Walking Dead captured three of the top four spots on AMC’s top 25 for the week ending November 21.  Those three (in order) were the original episode at 10pm Sunday, the repeat of last week’s episode at 9pm on Sunday, and an encore of the 10pm episode at 11pm on Sunday.   Additionally, a Friday repeat at 10pm was #27 with 764,000 viewers.

The Breaking Bad episode that aired at midnight following The Walking Dead encore at 11pm on Sunday averaged 593,000 and was 39th for AMC for the week.

Rank Program Network Day Time Viewers (000)
1 WALKING DEAD AMC Sun 10:00P-11:00P 4,754
2 OPEN RANGE AMC Sat 08:00P-11:00P 2,398
3 WALKING DEAD AMC Sun 09:00P-10:00P 1,551
4 WALKING DEAD AMC Sun 11:00P-12:00A 1,508
5 BROKEN TRAIL AMC Sat 06:00P-08:00P 1,480
6 OPEN RANGE AMC Sat 11:00P-01:00A 1,357
7 TREMORS AMC Fri 06:00P-08:00P 1,324
8 FROM DUSK TILL DAWN AMC Sun 07:00P-09:00P 1,228
9 OPEN RANGE AMC Sat 01:00A-02:00A 1,145
10 BROKEN TRAIL AMC Sat 04:00P-06:00P 1,117
11 HIDALGO AMC Thu 08:00P-11:00P 1,108
12 TREMORS AMC Sun 06:00P-07:00P 1,054
13 LAST OF THE DOGMEN AMC Thu 06:00P-08:00P 1,053
14 WAR WAGON, THE AMC Sat 11:00A-01:30P 1,010
15 WILD WILD WEST AMC Thu 11:00P-01:00A 1,007
16 CHISUM AMC Sat 03:00P-04:00P 997
17 CHISUM AMC Sat 01:30P-03:00P 982
18 ALIENS AMC Wed 08:00P-11:00P 964
19 MAVERICK AMC Fri 03:00P-03:30P 897
20 WILD WILD WEST AMC Thu 01:00A-01:30A 888
21 FEW GOOD MEN, A AMC Tue 08:00P-11:00P 864
22 WILD WILD WEST AMC Fri 03:30P-06:00P 848
23 JEEPERS CREEPERS AMC Fri 08:00P-10:00P 828
24 TREMORS AMC Sun 05:00P-06:00P 825
25 SUM OF ALL FEARS, THE AMC Tue 11:00P-01:00A 797
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