The Wrap’s John W. Kennedy has taken a stab at the ultimate network TV schedule.  It’s a schedule for only one network, but he is drawing from the pool of every broadcast network show that ever aired.

While it’s easy to crush him for execution:  i.e., WTF? FRASIER and Just Shoot Me!? But no Cheers or Seinfeld!? Insanity! On the plus side, he did include Star Trek, but sadly, only to bury it on Friday nights.  A golden opportunity to celebrate Gunsmoke (and for our purposes, “The Gunsmoke Rule*”) was missed!

*Per  Bill: “The Gunsmoke Rule”: No comparing the ratings of any individual show this season to a show in any season except the previous one. “How could CBS have canceled Gunsmoke, for some dreck like CSI? Gunsmoke pulled a 40 rating in 1960!”

Anyway, quibble with the actual selections, if you must (and come on, you know you must!), but it’s still a terrific idea.

I’ll be thinking on my schedule more.  It will surely contain Cheers and Seinfeld on Thursdays and will surely not include Just Shoot Me.

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