Fox’s rookie comedy Running Wilde didn’t premiere with great ratings, then they fell in the second week, and the show is slipping towards cancellation.

In a piece today in the NY Times, when writer Dave Itzkoff suggested that more viewers watching Running Wilde might lead to the hoped for Arrested Development movie, Mitchell Hurwitz, the creator of both shows, had this response:

“I know,” Mr. Hurwitz replied. “It’s like, Buy this magazine or we kill this dog. Watch this show or you don’t get an ‘Arrested’ movie.”

[Itzkoff:] Wouldn’t that double the “Running Wilde” audience overnight?

“It’s a really good point. I really want to make this movie, I swear. Or, alternatively, don’t watch the show, and everyone send me a nickel. Those are the two choices.”

Someone should set Hurwitz up with a Paypal donation account, because it’s going to take a big ratings turnaround to save Running Wilde.

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