I know not all of our readers have Netflix account, but for those who do…

Since upgrading my cable modem last April, I have been a Netflix fiend, mostly watching on my big screen through the Playstation 3.  I’ll spare you the comprehensive list, but I’ve caught up on the first five seasons of Bones, at least a few seasons of Law & Order: SVU, a couple of seasons of Monk, and the entire series of Veronica Mars.  I’ve watched a slew of movies and a ton of documentary/PBS type stuff.

Recently I blew through the first season of Arrested Development in about three days.  Loved it!  Biggest surprise: Ron Howard is the best. narrator. ever.

I’ve also been working through The X-Files.  I watched all of the first two seasons, but then switched to the mode of only watching episodes that have 8 stars or more on IMDB.  At least through the first six seasons, that covers all of the mythology arcs.   It has grown on me.  Biggest surprises: kind of fun to see Bryan Cranston guest-starring in an episode written by Vince Gilligan, But the biggest surprise of all was seeing Richard Belzer turn up on The X-Files as a 1980s* Baltimore  “Homicide: Life on the Streets”  Detective  John Munch, including some tinfoil hat smack talk, no less!

*Yes, I know it was an episode from the 1990s, but the story for that episode took place in the late 1980s.

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