There is a lot of chatter about how CBS will scramble to fill Monday nights at 9pm in the wake of Two and a Half Men production being shut down for the remainder of the season.  Lots of wild suggestions have been bandied about, but I wouldn’t look for CBS to do anything drastic like moving The Big Bang Theory away from Thursday nights (at least this season, though some repeats of the Big Bang Theory on Monday wouldn’t surprise me).

At the end of yesterday, CBS was only in worse shape by four episodes than when it began the day (though 8 episodes total, since four had already been slashed).

One thing both CBS and Two and a Half Men have going for it — ‘Men’ repeats very well.  The issue though is that this doesn’t do Mike & Molly any favors.  Some have suggested that How I Met Your Mother should move, but it does so well without a lead-in at 8pm that such a move would surprise me.  Others have suggested giving Mike & Molly a shot at 9pm.

I’d be surprised if CBS didn’t stick mostly with repeats of Two and a Half Men at 9pm, perhaps trying something else for a few weeks just for experimentation purposes.  Of course, at the beginning of yesterday I’d have been surprised if production for Two and a Half Men got shut down for the remainder of the season.

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