The new 2009-2010 broadcast prime-time TV season has begun!

Many readers may be wondering where some of their favorite ongoing posts from last season are.

Here’s a run down of when your old favorites will be back:

Renew/Cancel Index’s Shows Most Likely To Be Cancelled & Renewed – Returns Tuesday, September 29

Season to Date Network TV Ratings -Returns Tuesday, September 29

Broadcast Network 2009-10 vs. 2008-9 Season Ratings -Returns Tuesday, September 29

Most DVR Viewed Broadcast TV Shows – Not certain, we may get data for the new CW shows on September 29, or our data may not resume until we get shows for the current week, which we’d expect on October 13.

You can always check the schedule of our regular posts by clicking on the More Ratings link in the white bar above.

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