I’m working on a series I’ll roll out starting next week where on an hour by hour basis I’ll cover the fall schedule looking at the primetime broadcast match-ups.   But that process got me thinking about which shows are most likely to rise to the top of some typical responses we’ve seen in the past.

Castle and Kings have a “royal” theme so I’m balancing that with Melrose Place.  These shows represent three types of fan reactions we’ve seen over and over, and I’m using these specific shows only as examples.  If you want to replace Castle with Chuck, Kings with Pushing Daisies and Melrose Place with the second season of  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, it works out pretty much the same.


A bit of an uneven start with ratings.  An obviously loyal fan base and numbers that early on hover in the bubble zone before ultimately picking up some steam.

Typical fan response:  Pleaaaaaase ABC, don’t cancel Castle!


A show where it’s obvious almost immediately that by and large viewers rejected it.  But every show, no matter how bad the ratings are has its fans who will rail against the bad ratings.  But the reactions with this type of show have trouble accepting that the viewing public rejected the show.

Typical fan response:  The American viewing public is too stupid to appreciate this show.

Melrose Place

Sometimes there is just outright denial.  The hardcore fans of these shows don’t so much have trouble accepting that the ratings stink, but despite this persist in the belief that the shows will be renewed anyway.

Typical fan response:  You’ll see, it will be renewed!!!

Bonus:  c’mon! it does a lot better when you include the DVR numbers!

What are your picks?

New scripted shows this fall:

Show Network Day Time
$#*! My Dad Says CBS Thursday 8:30p
Better With You ABC Wednesday 8:30p
Blue Bloods CBS Friday 10:00p
Body of Proof ABC Friday 9:00p
Chase NBC Monday 10:00p
Detroit 1-8-7 ABC Tuesday 10:00p
Hawaii Five 0 CBS Monday 10:00p
Hellcats CW Wednesday 9:00p
Law & Order: Los Angeles NBC Wednesday 10:00p
Lone Star FOX Monday 9:00p
Mike & Molly CBS Monday 9:30p
My Generation ABC Thursday 8:00p
Nikita CW Thursday 9:00p
No Ordinary Family ABC Tuesday 8:00p
Outlaw NBC Friday 10:00p
Outsourced NBC Thursday 9:30p
Raising Hope FOX Tuesday 9:00p
Running Wilde FOX Tuesday 9:30p
The Defenders CBS Wednesday 10:00p
The Event NBC Monday 9:00p
The Whole Truth ABC Wednesday 10:00p
Undercovers NBC Wednesday 8:00p


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