In its first week, Chuck was the lowest-rated scripted show on NBC other than Outlaw on Fridays.  Last week though, Undercovers dropped to a 1.6 and got between Chuck and the mythical cancellation bear (the premise isn’t mythical, only the bear itself!).   This week Chase could get between Chuck and the cancellation bear too.  What’s that mean?  It means the cancellation bear will eat the shows in front of Chuck before it gets around to eating Chuck!  That’d be good news for Chuck fans, but not such good news for Chase fans.

So far, I’m still not optimistic for a fifth season, but am as optimistic as ever (and I was already pretty optimistic) Chuck will get an order for an additional six episodes.

But for tonight the question is whether Chuck will out-rate Chase with adults 18-49.  I’m guessing Chuck will indeed edge Chase.

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