Shawn Ryan’s Terriers ran for 13 episodes on FX during the Fall of 2010. Despite hopes for a Christmas Miracle, its low ratings doomed it to cancellation. However, in a lemons to lemonade transformation, FX chief John Landgraf turned the ill informed rage of the TV critic media into hugs all around in a masterful exhibition of PR jiu jitsu.

Shawn Ryan is also the executive producer of ABC’s Last Resort, which premieres Thursday at 8pm in what many of our commenters term ABC’s “death slot”.

The roster of recent failed ABC dramas from that Thursday 8pm timeslot is long, but the number of their aired episodes is short: Missing (10 episodes), Charlie’s Angels (8 episodes), My Generation (2 episodes), Flash Forward (22 episodes).

Since 2009, only one ABC drama in that timeslot has aired more than 13 episodes, and none has survived into a second season.

Will Last Resort break the trend?

You make the call.


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