Hung ended its first season Sunday night with an average 2.9 million watching at 10pm.  But the new math for HBO is proclaiming it as the most-watched freshman series in HBO history.  Because when replays, DVR and On-Demand are factored in, it’s closer to 9 million viewers.

Back when The Sopranos was starting for HBO, Bill and I were about the only people with DVRs.  And I’m pretty sure Nielsen didn’t count the replays then.

Even with the new math,  sophomore hit True Blood is still behind the Sopranos, averaging  around 12 million viewers a week between replays, DVRs and On Demand.

Even in its initial viewing though Sunday’s season finale average of 5.114 million was slightly off its record pace of 5.332 million for the 10pm airing on 8/24, it was still 100% better than the initial airing of season one’s finale that averaged around 2.5 million.

Pease don’t take this as me getting on HBO for its accounting.   HBO is having a good year, and its best year in at least a few years.  Especially since it’s not selling commercial time, I don’t fault it for counting  and marketing the replays, DVR viewing and On-Demand.  It just makes some of the historical comparisons a bit tricky.

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