If you were just reading our comments, you’d have this understanding about what different TV shows tell about their viewers:

Commenter: All the shows I watch identify the viewer as a genius, a man or woman of wealth and taste. The shows I don’t watch mark their viewers as sub-human morons.

But a study from Mindset Media, detailed in AdWeek, lays out some insights marketers can get about your personality from the TV shows you watch.

Here’s just the Cliff Notes version, click through to the original for much more:

  • Mad Men: Creative, emotionally sensitive, intellectually curious
  • Family Guy: rule breakers, rebels
  • Glee: open, in search of unique and varied experiences
  • Dancing With The Stars: traditionalists, prefer stability and the tried and true
  • The Office: think they are extraordinarily superior to others, and like to brag about it (that does sound like some of our commenters)
  • The Biggest Loser: pragmatic, live in the present, work with what they’ve been given
  • The Real Housewives of Orange County: pugnacious, value honesty over keeping the peace
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