We’re over the hump!  It will all be over in a week, hopefully sooner.

The latest speculation revolves, not around Chuck, but more since it seems like Legally Mad didn’t get picked up by NBC, what does that mean for Chuck?

What it means to me personally, is not much at all. I’m still optimistic for Chuck’s renewal and waiting for the announcement in a week (but hopefully sooner!).   Though  I can understand from a falling dominos perspective how one might think the news impacts Chuck either favorably or negatively.   But since it hasn’t changed my outlook (I’m still 95%), I’m not going to get into that. So how do we pass the time?

How about which Chuck character are you most like and why?

One of the dynamics of Chuck is that you have a fair bit of contrast.  You have Ellie and Awesome more or less pursuing perfect lives and then you have a lot of, how shall we say “unambitious losers”, at the Buy More.  Casey and Sarah are “defenders against evil”, and then you have Chuck himself.  Chuck isn’t really an unambitious loser, he was just laid so low by his circumstances of being kicked out of Stanford and dumped by the woman he loved for his best friend that he had a hard time recovering.   He still hasn’t quite recovered yet, though the Intersect and his fondness for Sarah has seemingly set him on the road to recovery.

It’s hard for me to pick one character.  I’m probably somewhat a cross between Chuck and Jeff and perhaps Big Mike.  I had some academic issues, and certainly have been laid low by a woman a time or two.   I’ve had a pretty diverse career.  I worked at a public park and golf course for about 7 years in my youth,  and worked at Sprint, IBM and even somehow managed to wind up with a senior vice president title at Charles Schwab.  I’ve had to make decisions from “where to put the pin on hole #6 today”  (and OK, I admit it, sometimes I would pick extremely difficult pin placements on purpose!) to “what’s the best way to handle the taxonomy for 5,000 topics,” to creating e-mail products that hundreds of thousands of customers subscribed to and receive daily.

I was a very early adopter of personal computers, and using networked computers as communications tools, and my curiosity and interest about that, more than any real drive or ambition, wound up leading me down a fairly interesting path.  I never really managed to strike the proper balance between curiosity and drive, but perhaps out of being curious to somewhat of an extreme, it still worked out reasonably well on the career front.

But, a couple of twists and turns of fate and I could have been Jeff.  And only one or two twists and turns at that.  Socially unadjusted, semi-crazed loner, working retail in his 40s, who drinks excessively?  Ok, so I don’t work retail  (though I did in my teens) or drink very much, but minus the customers, I could definitely see enjoying hanging out at Best Buy eight hours a day.  I love being around the gadgets and the big screen TVs.  It’s very calming.  It could still happen and I feel I would be a fine addition to any Geek Squad staff!

Sadly, however, I lack Jeff’s musical talent.  But on the basis of other attributes, including what my hair might look like if I let if grow out, I’m going with Jeff.

How about you?

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